Always You

from by The Comeback Year

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"This is a song I wrote about a girl that I dated that had this sort of 'God's gift to the earth' mentality about herself at all times. She always perused around thinking she was going to be the next star supermodel or whatever. She was conceited and not-such-a-great person after all. She liked to think that the world strived for her, when really she was the loneliest person I've ever met. It's a sad tale, really. The line in the song "you walk around like you're queen of a crowded room, but look around and there's nobody left at all" really sums up how things truly were for her. So yeah, another song about a girl who doesn't deserve it."
- Jason


Its summer time, you've got your feet on the table
soaking up the sun you find your place in the shade
you know there's something wrong but you'll talk when you're able
break me up and shake it down, its never your fault somehow
I say your name but not the one that you're used to
maybe I should leave, but was I really here at all?

bright lights and flashy dancers
sitting back and choking down on all the answers
you know it was always you
we seemed to take a dive from your mind's elevation
dreaming up your walkways and your standing ovation
you know it was always you

could've been somewhere that I couldnt run to
could've been something that I cant seem to find in your eyes
could've been something we left for the fire
could've been something that I cant seem to find in your eyes

you turned around every chance that you've got to lose
you're daddy's girl with the look of your mother
you know thats how it goes when theres so much left to prove
you never take it, so you fake it... you make it somehow
you walk around like you're queen of a crowded room
you look around... but theres nobody left at all


from Arcadia, released April 1, 2014
Written by Jason Lottmann




The Comeback Year

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